About Our Insurance Division!

In 2016, we added Park and Elm Insurance Services, LLC to our portfolio as a result of the importance of insurance protection as a part of our holistic financial planning.

Most people think think “it won’t happen to me,” but bad things happen unexpectedly … things that are beyond our control.   The insurance solutions we represent are ways to help make these unfortunate events more manageable. We want to be a partner to help protect lifestyles and provide peace of mind.

A family continues to thrive after the loss of a father. Employees keep their jobs in the absence of a business owner. A retiree enjoys weekly lunch with friends without compromising her budget. A mother maintains dignity and grace as she begins receiving assisted living in her own home.  Bills are paid and meals are on the table despite an illness or injury. We make sure our clients are incorporating these risk management strategies as part of their comprehensive financial plan.

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Life Insurance

Protect your survivors
  1. Death Benefit Protection
  2. Cash Accumulation
  3. Income Tax Benefits
  4. Estate Planning


Plan for Retirement
Guarunteed income for LIFE!

Long-Term Care

Protect your Savings!
A private room in a nursing home today runs about $85,000 per year and is even higher in many metro areas.


Protect your Paycheck!
  • Income protection & continue saving
  • Reimburse business owners for losses
  • Keep business value intact

Peace of Mind is Attainable!

Take Action!

Most people don’t realize how important protection is until it’s too late – after they become too sick or hurt to work.  Get in touch with your financial advisor today and ask how to protect your loved ones.

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      • We are philosophically built on the premise that our Clients’ needs come first
      • Advanced Technology and Unmatched Responsiveness and Communication
      • Independent Advice with a focus on Risk Management
      • Comprehensive and holistic planning for all situations

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